Guest Bath Remodel – Demo and Inspiration

My husbands favorite day…Demo day! He couldn’t wait to swing away at that tile and tear off the wall. It was exciting for me too, as I’ve been wanting to do this for quite awhile. Thankfully my husband is very handy which saves us some money. Here’s how it all began…

Here are the before pictures of our downstairs guest bathroom…

photo 3 copy 2

The bathroom is separated into two rooms. When you walk in there is a sink area and to the right, a very nice built in cupboard. It’s actually a nice size for a guest bath but as you can see not much has been done with it.

photo 4 copy

The second part of the bath has the shower and toilet area. I do like that it has a separate door to enclose that area making it very private. The under sink storage is also very nice. My husband has already put in larger base boards and the tile was picked at many years ago when the house was built.

Here is the floor of the shower and the very boring white tile and glass enclosure.

The toilet is to the right of the shower.

photo 5 copy

Left view.

photo 1 copy

Right view.

We were very fortunate to built this home, but we had to pick out all the design details in a quick amount of time. When this house was being built we had a three year old and a brand new baby. I remember sitting in the design center nursing my newborn, my three year old running around and my husband whispering in my ear “don’t spend too much money”, not exactly the ideal way to design a home. With that said, it came out pretty well, but now, fifteen years later and it’s time for a major update. So our remodel is under way.

Here are pictures of the demo…


In this photo the wall mirror has been removed and the tile is being pulled out. The white tile was standard with our home. I know most people are really opposed to white tile, but I have to say that I think white tile looks really clean and I prefer to see white tile then tacky or cheap looking alternatives. So all in all the tile has not bothered me that much. Being the neat freak that I am, I have kept this tile perfectly white and the grout clean as the day it was installed. Beach has been my friend all these years. I’ve been patient with this but this bathroom is definitely overdue for an overhaul.

More tile coming out…


In the photo below, all the tile is off and the wall above the sink opened so we can have some plumbing and electrical work done. We were considering a wall mounted faucet. We had the plumber come out today and although the cost was pretty high to do this, the reason we might not do the wall mounted faucet is because it would cause us to not be able to manually turn off the water under the sink, as it is now, we would have to go through the wall from behind or turn off the water to the whole house. If there was ever a problem with the plumbing, we would have a big issue. Although, aesthetics are important not at the price of functionality. On to plan B, I guess.

photo 3

Below…all the tile and shower enclosure removed and part of the toilet removed. Demo is done. Time to start buying all the design elements. The fun for me is just beginning.

photo 5 photo 4

Here are some rooms that are giving me great inspiration…

This first bathroom is the most unique I’ve ever seen. I never would have picked out most of this and yet it looks beautiful. The before and after pics are amazing. She totally transformed the space. The blog is called Little Green Notebook and the designers name is Jenny Komenda. Check out her blog here. You have to look around her blog to find the before pics because she didn’t put the before and after pics on the same blog entry. Her blog is worth checking out, she is very talented.This sink is crazy cool and she designed it herself.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.10.26 PM

The floor tile, the tub, the light fixture, the colors…oh my gosh, amazing!!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.12.04 PMI never would have picked the olive color on the walls and yet…perfection!


The next pictures of inspiration are from Amber Interiors, find her blog here. Amber is very talented and great with detail. She does seem to stay with the same type of style is all of her designs, very bohemian chic. I liked the detail in this bathroom.


 Love the sink area and the flooring.

neustadt-36-767x1024 copy

Loving the tile in the shower.


That’s the beginning of our guest bath remodel. I’m hoping this project goes quickly as this bathroom gets used quite a bit. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for stopping by.

All the best,



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