Yummy Box Mix Muffins


There’s something special about seeing freshly baked goods inside one of those glass cake stands. You know, when you walk in a bakery and everything is displayed for you, so you can eye all the goodies and salivate with delight as you decide which ones to buy. Ahhhhh, that is so fun! Well that’s the way I like my kitchen island to look. When I was a kid if I came home to freshly baked cookies or muffins, that was a treat. It just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Although I think homemade is ALWAYS going to be the best, the boxed mixes can be just fine too. My daughter Skye likes Banana Muffins, especially homemade, but she’s not too choosy and sometimes I’d buy the ones from the grocery store bakery. This was fine with her, but when I was shopping one day I saw some banana mix on sale, so I thought, what the heck I’ll give it a try. Skye liked them much better than the store bought muffins, maybe not quite as good as homemade, but she really liked them. That’s when I realized…better to make it from a mix than not at all. Skye gets to come home from school with the house smelling like freshly baked muffins, I don’t have to slave too hard in the kitchen, and our kitchen island looks like a cute little bakery. And, I’ll admit it, I love buying all those adorable muffin liners.

Here are my favorite mixes…


I have really good luck with the  Krusteaz brand but I haven’t found a chocolate chip muffin mix from them but the good ol’ Betty Crocker brand is great too.

Here are the Cinnamon Swirl and Blueberry muffins ready to go in the oven…


Since Valentine’s Day is coming up I used these liners and made the Cinnamon Swirl muffins which the Mister likes a lot. These look a bit fancier than other muffins because of the cinnamon crunch on top, but it couldn’t be easier as it comes prepared and you just have to sprinkle it on top before baking.

In keeping with the Valentine’s theme, but as not to be too matchy, I made Skye another one of her favorites, Blueberry muffins with some pink leopard liners that I already had and wanted to use up. These have been one of my favorite liners. You can get cute cupcake liners at any grocery store but I find a lot of good ones at Michaels. Also, most of my baking pans are by Wilton which I buy at Michaels and Walmart. I love these pans. They are good quality and cook very evenly. It does make a difference to have good pans.


You get 12 muffins per box and they’re so easy to make that I usually bake two different flavors at a time.

Freshly baked Blueberry Muffins right out of the oven and boy do they smell good!


Freshly baked and cooling…


IMG_8263 IMG_8260

All cooled and displayed in glass cake stands. These cake stands are from One Kings Lane and HomeGoods. Cake stands can be kind of pricey, so when I find one I like and it’s a good deal, I usually buy it. I like displaying lots of goodies and baked goods this way.


Coincidentally, after I made these I got a text from Skye asking if she could have a few friends sleep over. There is yet another good reason to bake these beauties up, her friends were so delighted to have these as their late night snack and in the morning for breakfast. Big mommy win for me!!!

Give them a try. I’d love to know what you think or if you have a good box brand that you enjoy I’d love to hear about it. Have a great day.

All the best,



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