7 Days of JOY…a weekly series

7 Days of Joy

Friday 1/23/15 to Thursday 1/29/15

If your new to my blog let me introduce you to a weekly series called 7 Days of Joy. This series is all about finding JOY in everyday. It’s taking a minute to pause in your day and be thankful. It could be something small like a flower you’ve noticed or something big like a wonderful sunset. It doesn’t really matter where you find your JOY, it’s different and special to each of us. Since I’ve been documenting my JOY I’ve noticed that if I’m not having a good day for some reason it makes me stop and turn it around. It’s a reminder to me to enJOY each day, because each day is a gift. Give it a try and see if it doesn’t make your life a little more JOYful and if anything a moment of prayer and thankfulness in your day is always a good idea. Join me every Friday and I’ll share my 7 Days of Joy. Here’s my JOY for this past week…

photo 1 photo 2

Day 1  Friday 1/23/15 – I’ve lived in my neighborhood for over 14 years. We were lucky enough to move into a brand new house in a brand new community. So most of my neighbors and I have raised our kids here. It’s been so wonderful to have an old fashioned neighborhood where the kids could grow up together, play on the cul-de-sac, swim in each others pools and go to our community parks, pools, tennis courts and golf courses. We had good old fashioned block parties and 4th of July parades, it really was special. Our kids had a wonderful childhood and part of that was the wonderful neighbors we shared it with. As the kids have gotten older and schedules got busier I haven’t had a chance to hang out with the wonderful women who live on my street. I was so pleased and happy to have lunch with three of my neighbors/friends on this beautiful Friday. We got to walk together to the beautiful Club House and have lunch. I was embarrassed to admit I’d never had lunch there, which is a shame because the salad I had was delicious and the view was absolutely beautiful. We had such a nice time catching up and have promised to make this a monthly date. My heart was full of JOY and I felt incredible blessed to have these wonderful women in my life, to live in such a beautiful place and to enjoy a lovely walk.

photoDay 2 Saturday 1/24/15 – Got to meet this little man. What could be more JOYful than that?! He was absolutely adorable!!! My sweet little nephew and his big sister made my day as did their parents who came over for lunch. It was a wonderful family day, you can see more about it here (along with my Purple Ombre 5 Layer Mini Cake). Babies = JOY!!!

photoDay 3 Sunday 1/25/15 – Everyone is loving the pink color of the interior of our front door. You can see it here. I’m not sure the color on my door is quite right, my daughter Sage saw this picture and sent it to me knowing I would love the color, and I do. That front door looks great. I love the texture of the brick, the cement and the iron against the sweet color of the door. It looks so inviting.  My JOY was not just in seeing this great door but that my daughter was so thoughtful.

photo copy 2Day 4 Monday 1/26/15 – I’ve always loved the way rain looks in water. The tiny little puddles, like teardrops from God. We’re so happy to be getting rain here in Cali, so those raindrops in our pool made me feel JOY and incredibly thankful for the much needed rain.

photo copy 3Day 5 1/27/15 – Well, if you gotta go to the doctor this is not a bad view. JOYful view from the parking lot.

photo copy 4Day 6 1/28/15 – A room with a view. This is the stunning sunrise I woke up to. This is out of the upstairs hallway as I walk down to wake up my daughter for school. I posted this shot on my Instagram account (follow me @avenueofjoy). You’ll probably be seeing lots of moments like this because I’m always taken aback by this view of the sky and when it looks like this…pure JOY!!!

photo copy 5Day 7 1/29/15 – This article was in People Magazine about the Birthday celebration for Betty White. At 93 years old she is a constant inspiration to me. May we all be so blessed to be happy, healthy and still working and enJOYing life at 93!!! You go Betty, and Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Well, that’s my JOY for this week. I’d love to hear what JOY you’ve found. Have a great weekend.

All the best,



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