Purple Ombre Five Layer Mini Cake

photoPurple Ombre Five Layer Mini Cake

It’s Tasty Tuesday and normally we would continue with our Cookbook Series with Jessica Seinfeld’s ” The Can’t Cook Book” but this week I’m going to change it up a bit because I made this wonderful Purple Ombre Five Layer Mini Cake and wanted to share it with you right away since Valentine’s Day is coming up and it would be a great special something for that special someone. You could change the colors on the layers to a pink variation or use the person’s favorite color. It’s super easy but looks super fancy.

This weekend I had my nephew and his adorable family over for lunch. He and his wife have two of the cutest kids, a 2 year old daughter and 3 month old son. I know how busy it is during that time in your life so I really wanted to give them a nice day where they could relax and feel loved. My husband made his famous (at least in our family) grilled steaks and I made Wedge Salad, Cheesy Potatoes, Corn and for dessert this Purple Ombre Five Layer Mini Cake. If you recall I had bought the Wilton Mini Layer Cake pans in December here, as a little gift to myself. This was the first time using them and I was so happy with the results. Originally when I saw these pans I thought it would be a great idea when you want to make someone a little individual cake for a birthday or special occasion, but it worked out great for this luncheon because I’ve been making so many Valentine sweets for the blog that I didn’t want a bunch of cake hanging around. This was perfect for everyone to have a piece and there was just a bit left over.

It had such a lovely presentation. and was really fun to slice and see the beautiful ombre purple colors coming through. I thought my 2 year old niece would enjoy the colors and she did. Here’s how I did it…

photo 1photo 2

Here are the pans I bought at Target. It was a total impulse buy, but I knew I’d use them. I was a bit concerned that the size of the layers might make the cake dry, but it didn’t at all. I baked all five layers at the same time, they fit on one rack in my oven. I felt like I was six years old again and using my Easy Bake Oven because the pans are so small and cute.

I used a boxed white cake mix, which is just the right amount to fill all the pans. I baked them according to the directions and followed the time for the cupcake version of the mix. I baked them 18 minutes and they came out perfect.

photo 4After making the batter, I separated it equally between five bowls. The first bowl I left alone, since I used the whole egg in the batter and not just the egg whites, the batter was not white but cream color. I think the cake tastes better with the whole egg, but if you want the first layer to be more white only use the egg whites. Then I added food coloring to each bowl of batter. The first one I used 1 drop and continued with each bowl adding more drops to obtain the color I desired. I wanted a subtle variation of color but still enough to see a difference.

photo 1 copy photo 2 copy

After the cake was baked and completely cooled and was ready to frost. I didn’t have a chance to make the frosting so I used white ready-made frosting. I really don’t mind this kind of frosting, I think it tastes fine. To prepare each layer I cut the top off each cake. When the layers come out of the oven they may have a slight mound, I just slice through it to make the cake top flat. Not too much just ever so slightly. Then I like to turn the cake over so the bottom of the layer becomes the top. I started with the white layer, frosted that and then continued with the layers from lightest to darkest, frosting each layer as I went.

photo 3 copyAfter the cake was frosted I wanted to add a complimentary color of sprinkles. To do this I take some wax paper and cut it in a circle slightly smaller than the cake and gently center it on the top of the cake using it as a guide, I light sprinkle the colored sprinkles around the border. When done I gently left the was paper off and there you have a lovely ring of color around the cake. Super easy and it looks really professional. I don’t mind if the frosting isn’t perfect I like it too look a bit organic and more homemade.

photo 5I displayed the cake on a small cake stand that I had purchased at Marshalls and used my polka dot dessert plates I got for Christmas also from Marshalls. It’s the little details that make something special.

photo 2 copy 2The first slice. How fun to see the color variation. It came out exactly how I wanted it too. My purple loving daughter loved it.

photo 3 copy 2But did it taste good? YES IT DID!!! The layers were moist and even, with just the right amount of frosting. I was really pleased with the outcome and my family just loved it.

photo 5 copyI love when my family comes over. In fact they probably don’t know this but they are giving me a bigger gift by coming over for a meal than I am giving them in cooking a meal. I always want my family to feel loved and nurtured and it’s not that difficult to make a family lunch a bit more special. So here are some of the details of our little get together.

photoYellow daisy’s in the entry welcome guests and coordinate with the centerpieces.

All flowers from the grocery store and on sale, very affordable way to jazz up your table. Simple table settings: table cloth, place mats, glass flower vases all from Target. Plastic princess cup from the Disney Store. I love the earthy tones of the linens with the pop of color from the flowers.

In case you haven’t noticed the cake was coordinated to the table setting. Purple and yellow flowers, hence the purple and yellow cake. Again, all in the detail.

photo 3 copy 4

Other details…

photo 2Snack bar for the kids.

Individual wedge salads.

photo 1

Here’s all you need to make the Purple Ombre Five Layer Mini Cake

  • Wilton Easy Layers Baking Pans
  • White Cake Mix
  • White ready made Frosting
  • Food Coloring
  • Sprinkles
  • Ingredients on the box of your favorite cake mix

Hope you enjoyed this Tasty Tuesday. It was a really fun post for me to do. Have a great day and see you tomorrow.

All the best,



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