Valentine Candy Dipped Cookies – Holiday Food Series

photo 3 copy 2Valentine Candy Dipped Cookies

I absolutely love to look at Pinterest for Holiday ideas. I found these candy dipped cookies and knew I’d have to try them. This was such a fun project and would be super easy to do with kids. It’s simple and creative and very festive for Valentine’s Day. The best part is there is no “real” baking involved. Store bought cookies get a fancy twist, turning them into something special for Valentine’s Day. The Strawberry Wafer cookies are so pretty and bright and who can resist Double Stuf Oreos. I also used Triple Double Oreos that have two layers of filling with chocolate and cream. YUM!!! Here’s what you need to do:

photo copy 3

First I made the Strawberry Wafer cookies. I bought: Strawberry Wafers, Conversation Hearts, different kinds of Sprinkles, and 3 colors of Candy Melts (but I only ended up using the Red and Pink)

photo 1I put down a paper towel to catch any mess and put the different sprinkles and conversation hearts into separate containers. I melted the candy in the microwave per the directions, in a glass measuring cup. My work station was ready to go.

I used a frosting spatula to cover the tip of the cookies with the melted candy. You could just dip the cookies in the melted candy but I like the control of putting it on myself.

photo 2

After dipping the cookie I either dusted it with sprinkles and/or added the Conversation Hearts. I took the time to do all sides. After I decorated each cookie, I laid them on wax paper to dry.


photo 4

photo 2 copy 2Finished Cookies!!!

So cute, colorful and fun to make. They looked like they had come from a bakery. I had a great time making them and anyone of any age would enjoy making these. It’s easy enough to do with kids.

Next I used the two different Oreo cookies. I did the exact same process with these.

photo 1 copySame ingredients as the other cookies, just used Oreos instead of the Strawberry wafers.

Work station. Easy clean-up using the paper towel.

photo 2 copy

I only used the pink melted candy for the Oreos and different sprinkles.



I loved the way the Oreos turned out. They looked so pretty all lined up.

  All the cookies would be so cute for a Valentine’s Day party, kid’s class party, or wrap two or three of the cookies in a clear party bag with a bow and a Valentine card for a really special Valentine to give to someone. My kids would have loved to give these to their friends when they were young as Valentine’s. My daughter Skye who is a high school sophomore took the finished cookies to school with her and her friends really liked them.

photo 3 copy 3A closer look…

photo 1 copy 6The finished product…

photo 2 copy 6

photo 1 copy 4Nothing like cookies and milk. The cute milk glasses have “Dairy” written on them with a cute cow picture, I got them at Michaels. The stripped straws and pink dish towel are from Target.

photo 3 copy

photo 2 copy 4

photo 1 copy 3

Give this little project a try. So easy, and wonderful results!!!

photo 2 copy 3

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This is an original idea to bring a big smile to the one you love.

All the best,



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