7 Days of Joy…a weekly series

7 Days of Joy…a weekly series

starting Friday 1/9/15 and ending Thursday 1/15/15

Welcome to the second installment of my weekly series 7 Days of Joy. Everyday I look for JOY…something that makes me pause for a moment in my busy day to appreciate and give thanks. This exercise has really has been adding JOY to my daily life. Sometimes I can get so busy that the whole day passes me by and I think “What did I do today? Did I enjoy my day?”. It can be a blur sometimes. But now, with this and a few other changes I’ve made recently, I can tell you that at the end of each day I feel satisfied and joyful. That doesn’t mean everything goes according to plan but it does mean that I can appreciate the day for whatever it may be. “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” – Proverbs 17:22  Ahhhh yes, and the best medicine is to have a joyful heart and I know I want to live a healthy lifestyle and this is definitely helping to do that. Here’s the JOY I found in each day this week…

photoFriday 1/9/15 – Appreciating this beautiful bouquet of roses that my husband got me for our Anniversary the day before. 21 years of marriage to a man that I love with all my heart, who is a wonderful father, and lives his life passionately and honoring God. Everyday is a celebration with him as my husband (even the days when he drives me nuts, because lets face it, that does happen sometimes and vice versa, I’m sure). LOVE…the best JOY of all!!!

photo copy 2Saturday 1/10/15 – This beautiful pasta lunch my 15 year old daughter Skye made for the whole family. She decided on the menu, grocery shopped and made the entire meal. She didn’t even use a recipe but just winged it. She watches a lot of cooking shows with me and it’s really paying off. It was such a JOY to watch her have such confidence in the kitchen and for her to feel the JOY of doing such a nice thing for her family. I think a wonderful meal is one of the best ways to show your love. It was delicious!!! Thanks Skye!

photo copy 3Sunday 1/11/15 – Ahhhhhhh, this JOY is a bit bittersweet. This is the beautiful view from the oldest daughter Sage’s University campus. We had such a wonderful Christmas break and it was so nice to have her home again and the family together. I enJOYed every moment knowing that it would be brief. It’s been the hardest things to do, as a mother, to let her go off on her own. No one every told me that the whole time your parenting, that you’re preparing them to leave you. But, the JOY is that this is what should be. I’m so happy that my daughter has risen to the occasion and is thriving and doing so well. Her school is wonderful and has the most breathtaking views. So even though it’s tough, it is with great JOY in my heart that we took her back to school and she can continue on this amazing journey she’s on. I’m so proud of you Sage!!!

photo copy 7Monday 1/12/15 – These cute little pink gloves that I just bought to do the dishes, just made me happy. In my favorite color pink I’m hoping they help save my hands from all the dishes I do. Sometimes it’s the little things that bring JOY.

photo copy 4Tuesday 1/13/15 – My husband and I taking our daily walk through our neighborhood and enJOYing the beautiful path strewn with fallen leaves. In California this is about as much of a winter look as we get, although this year we did get some snow believe it or not, quite strange but wonderful. Really felt JOYful walking with the man I love, with the sun streaming down and just the right amount of chill in the hair. Gotta love Southern California.

photo copy 5Wednesday – 1/14/15 – I’ve been reading from Joel Osteen’s “Your Best Life Begins Each Morning” a devotional book to read daily for a year. I keep it on my nightstand and read it each morning, or if I forget at night before I go to bed. Quick way to get some motivation and wisdom. I’m also reading his new book “You Can, You Will”. Very positive and motivational as all his books are. I’m really enjoying this one, it’s a bit more to the point and shorter than his other books. He really impresses me, and is by far one of the most inspirational people of our generation. No matter what your religion or beliefs he is inspiring! If you haven’t read one of his books or heard his sermons, give it a try. I’m pretty sure it will bring some JOY into your life too.

photo copy 6Thursday 1/15/15 – Again on a daily walk with my husband and loved this beautiful blooming pink flower bush. It was kinda hidden in the shade so I was surprised how much it was blooming. I’m not sure what kind of flower this is but it was breathtaking. The pink color was just the perfect pink, and we all know how much I like pink. Gonna find out what kind of flower this is, I think it’s a must for my garden. Pink brings me JOY!

So that is my 7 Days of JOY. I would love to hear about the JOY you find in your life. Have a great Friday and a wonderful JOY filled weekend. I’ll be doing a double posting today, as my Thursday post took me a bit longer than I thought, so look for that today too. Thanks for stopping by.

All the best,



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