7 Days of Joy – A New Weekly Series

7 Days of JOY!!!

7 Days of JOY is a weekly series that I will be posting every Friday documenting the JOY I find in every day of the week. I look for JOY everyday, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s hard, but I realized if I find a little JOY in every day that a bad day gets better and a good day is celebrated even more. I noticed this week, since I was paying more attention to looking for JOY for the blog, that I was happier really stopping to say “This is awesome, what a beautiful moment”. I always try and have a positive attitude and do appreciate the little things in life. I am grateful and thankful for all the beauty this world has to offer and know all these blessing come from God! But writing it down and taking photos has really been a way to pause for a moment in my busy day and also to thank God in that moment. My week was so much better doing this. It’s such a simple thing. I hope you join me in finding JOY in every day. I’d love to hear what JOY you find in your day. Here’s the JOY I found this week…

photoDay 1 Friday 1/2/15: My youngest daughter Skye and her friend Sami enjoying our hot tub.

It’s was a very chilly night, but the girls enjoyed the warm hot tub and hanging out. I always love when my girls have their friends over, and I’m glad we have our pool and hot tub because it’s given our family so many wonderful memories.

photo copy 2Day 2 Saturday 1/3/15: A sleepover and a fun breakfast.

I love making meals special. All it took this morning was heart, star and flower shaped pancakes and cute table settings.

photo copy 3Day 3 Sunday 1/4/15: My oldest daughter Sage and I going to church together.

Really enjoyed this quality time with just the two of us.

photo copy 6Day 4 Monday 1/5/14: A street a few blocks from mine had all the residents decorate the same snowman shape for Christmas.

Each house was given a snowman and each family decorated the snowman anyway they wanted with paint and accessories like the scarf. It was so cute to see all the different snowmen in front of all the house. Glad they were late in taking down their decorations so that I got to see this. Very festive. Idea for next year?!

photoDay 5 Tuesday 1/6/15: A simple piece of chocolate.

Craving something sweet and this did the trick. Happiness.

photo copy 8Day 6 Wednesday 1/7/15: This sweet little garden bench looked so inviting in front of my neighbors home.

photo copy 9Day 7 Thursday 1/8/15 These beautiful dark coral/pinkish roses that my husband gave to me for our 21st Wedding Anniversary (the picture does not do justice to just how beautiful these roses are).

So that was my 7 Days of JOY. I hope this inspires you to look for JOY in each day. I would love to hear about your JOY. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.

All the best



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