Tasty Tuesday…Starting The Cookbook Series with The Can’t Cook Book by Jessica Seinfeld #1

Tasty Tuesday

The Cookbook Series…The Can’t Cook Book by Jessica Seinfeld

I’m going to admit that I am a totally cookbook nerd. I buy a cookbook and actually read it from cover to cover. As I go, I mark with sticky notes all of the recipes I want to try. The problem is, I don’t always try them. So I’m starting, The Cookbook Series. I’ll pick a cookbook and go through some of the recipes I’ve marked and blog about them. It’s such a bummer when you’ve done all the prep for a recipe and then tried it and it’s AWFUL. I’ll try the recipes and let you know how they are and if the cookbook is worth the buy. Cooking is such a wonderful way to show your love and I’ve learned the better I am at it, the more confident I get in the kitchen. My family is loving this passion of mine and I’ve really seen how it bonds the people I love together. Meals are a really important part of the day. I think when you make homemade meals you eat healthier too.

The first cookbook I’ve picked for this series is: The Can’t Cook Book by Jessica Seinfeld. This cookbook is a great “first” cookbook. The recipes are simple and written step by step. There are wonderful cooking tips, how-to steps, storing info…everything a cook needs to get started in the kitchen. If you are already pretty handy in the kitchen, as I think I am, it’s still a great cookbook when you want to make a quick, easy and nutritious meal. It’s very family oriented and kid friendly. I bought this cookbook for both my girls for Christmas. My girls are 18 and 15 and I want them to have a lot of confidence in the kitchen. You know what they say “Feed a man a fish, he eats a meal. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime”. They’ve already had many recipes from this cookbook and so far they’ve like all of them.

Also, I’m doing a series called On-The-Go. These are recipes that you can take with you, especially breakfast recipes for those mornings when you’re trying to get the kids off to school and you want them to eat a healthy breakfast. I buy the red plastic cups that people use at parties and I fill them up with the On-The-Go recipes and my daughter eats them in the car. It doesn’t make a mess, and I just throw it out when she’s done. Both of the recipes I’m blogging today can be put in a cup with a fork and eaten in the car.

photo copy 4You can get this cookbook at most bookstores but also at Amazon and Target.

photo copy 5

You can see how I mark the cookbook with sticky notes, usually I’m a little more organized using the same sticky notes but I ran out so I used what I had. I also make notes on the recipe page, so I can remember if my family liked it or if I revised the recipe in anyway and, if my girls use my cookbooks they’ll have the information too.

Scrambled Eggs & Cream Cheese

photo 1

The first recipe might be something you already make but I have to say Jessica tweaks this recipe a bit and makes plain old scrambled eggs really luscious and creamy. It’s so easy but really a delicious twist on an old favorite. Again, this cookbook is simple, but many times with everyone’s busy schedules you want to cook but need time-friendly recipes that are still healthy and good, and this cookbook comes through for those times.

photoWhisk 8 large eggs with 2 T. cream cheese, 2 T. water, 1/8 tsp. salt (Jessica always uses kosher salt, I always use sea salt), and 1/8 tsp. freshly ground pepper.

photo copy 2

Heat 1/2 T. unsalted butter and scramble egg mixture until done to your liking. Jessica serves with Dill on top but I didn’t because my family does not like it. I put a little more pepper when I served it.

photo copy 3My family really enjoyed this recipe. My husband liked how creamy the eggs came out and he’s not a big fan of scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs always remind me of being a kid and this felt a bit more sophisticated and grown-up but still kid friendly. A+ for this recipe. Give it a try.

Soft-boiled Eggs with Toast a.k.a. The Granny Egg


You can see my handwritten notes at the top of the page. These recipes are so easy to follow and the pictures are beautiful. I always like when a cookbook shows how the recipe should look so I can get an idea if it’s something I would like and if mine turns out correctly.

photo 3

Bring water in a saucepan to a boil and boil 4 large eggs for 5 1/2 minutes. While eggs are boiling make 4 slices of toast (I made sourdough), butter and cut toast into small squares. Put slices into individual bowls. When eggs are done peel and place on top of toast, cut up egg so yolks spill out onto bread. Season with salt and pepper and gently toss.


This is the ultimate toast and egg combo. Every bite gets the deliciousness of the yolk of the egg. You don’t have to be left with a slice of toast at the end with no egg. Very cute for kids because it just makes it fun. A+


Here’s one of our On-The-Go meals. The bite size pieces make it easy to eat in the car.

Next week on Tasty Tuesday, we’ll try a few more of Jessica Seinfeld’s recipes from The Can’t Cook Book. Hope you enjoy these and let me know what you think.

All the best,



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