New Year’s Resolutions…Should We or Shouldn’t We???

New Year’s Resolutions…Should We or Shouldn’t We???

I say YES WE SHOULD!!! I know a lot of people think New Years Resolutions just put the pressure on and are doomed to failure anyway but I say NOT SO! I like to make a nice, long, detailed list to start off my year. I put down absolutely everything I want to accomplish not just in that year but in the years ahead too. Some goals are easy and some are more long term. I like to think of this list not as things I won’t be able to do and therefore fail, but as the BIG picture. What do I want my life to look like and how can I get it there. I’m all about the journey and finding the JOY in each day. That’s what this blog is all about, finding the JOY in EVERY day. This list helps me to focus and is a reminder if I lose my way a bit to get back on track, but my list also changes, who says we can’t alter the list along the way. So if I thought I wanted a certain resolution but decide that’s not for me then it gets crossed off the list or changes. I’m pretty flexible but I’m also determined. When I set a goal, I want to accomplish it and I’ll work hard to do it.

My lists don’t just apply to New Year’s Resolutions though, I make lists daily: shopping lists, to-do lists, honey-do lists, decorating lists, I pretty much make lists for everything and you know what I’m pretty darn organized. The trick is, not to let the list get the best of you. Enjoy the list, let it be your friend. The list is meant to be a gentle reminder of things you need to do, or buy, or whatever. No need to stress, it’s just a list, if it bothers you crumble it up and throw it away, you have all the power over the list. I have found though that my life runs smoother and I get to my goals quicker and happier with my sweet little lists.

So go ahead make that list of New Year’s Resolutions, post it somewhere and glance at it every so often and see where it takes you.

Here’s my list just getting started…


By the way my nail polish is one of my favorites, it’s Essie Smokin’ Hot. It’s a great dark gray color with a hint of purple.

The other thing I do each New Year is add a new calendar to my Day Runner. Very old school, I know, but I still love having that thing and it keeps me so organized. Some of you probably won’t even know what that is in this techie age and I’m all into the techie stuff myself but I still like the old school of writing something down.  I also bought this cute PINK 2015 weekly/monthly planner just for the Blog. I’m so excited to move forward and enhance my blog in the new year.

photo copy 2Good luck with your New Year’s Resolutions.

All the best,



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