Going White With My Kitchen Table

It’s three days after Christmas and I finally feel like I’m getting my bearings back. The decorations are all put away and I’m ready to start the new year off with a clean and organized house. It’s always been important to me to start the new year with my house in order. I enjoy Christmas and go all out but when it’s done I’m ready to get my house back, especially this year as I’m eager to continue my mission to complete the redecoration of my home. Even though it was pretty hectic throughout the month of December, my husband and I managed to repaint the kitchen table and chairs. We had originally bought this table as just a quick fix until we found another, but that quick fix turned into years. We had liked the dark wood finish and it was a good enough table but it was getting worn and we had a nail polish remover accident that left a very unpleasant mark on the top of the table (note…never tell your teenage daughter and her friend that it is OK for them to do their nails on ANY piece of furniture…EVERY! Lesson learned). So although I didn’t think we’d be keeping the table I still wanted it to look nice especially through the holidays. My husband and I have repainted a lot of furniture and usually brush paint the furniture by hand. It’s a long process but it comes out nicely. After looking at a few other blogging sights I noticed many people spray paint their furniture so we decided to give it a try and boy, am I glad we did. We spray painted our kitchen table and chair and they came out GREAT!!! It was so incredibly easy and the finish looks flawless, much better than if we had brush painted it. Here’s how we did it…



These are the two products recommended to us by a Lowe’s employee and they worked great. The Bulls Eye 1 2 3 Primer was easy to use and the Rust-Oleum High Performance Enamel went on smooth and gave it a very professional finish.

Here is the original finish on the table. We started sanding it with an electric sander for the majority of the piece and hand sanded the more tricky parts. I originally thought maybe I’d sand the entire finish off and keep it a natural wood but that would have taken way too long. We did find out that this table was actually made really well and the wood underneath was great. We had picked this piece up while shopping at Costco one weekend and like I said, thought of it as a temporary fix but when I realized how well it was made I started to think we had a little gem that we didn’t realize we had.



Between bouts of much needed Cali rain, we completed the sanding.


Spray painting of the Primer.


One coat of primer was all it took. Had to wait for more Cali rain, and believe me we were more than happy to see it rain, even if it meant that this project took longer and we had to eat in our formal dining room for a while, than on to the paint. It took two coats of paint and then one more on the top as the weather made it difficult to dry and left a few marks.


Finished project. The table came out perfect, it really looked like we had bought it that way. We liked it so much that we did the chairs. I’ve never liked the chairs that much and thought I’d buy new ones but for now we went ahead and painted them. They turned out so well that I’m kinda in love with this table and chair set that was always a bit of a thorn in my side. Go figure!

photo copy 2

I’ll be sharing the completed room soon, but for now these pictures will have to do. I will say that the room is really coming together and I’m very pleased.

This really was a simple project and has me hooked on spray painting lots more pieces. I think my husband has even caught the spray painting bug because he didn’t grumble too much when I told him there were a few more pieces to do. YIPPEE!!!!

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

All the best,



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