Gotta Love Target…Sweaters, Sweats and More

Gotta Love Target…Sweaters, Sweats and More

Oh Target, what am I to do with you? I come in to buy laundry detergent and walk out with a whole lot more, but what’s a girl to do when there is so many great buys and Christmas is around the corner. Here’s some fun Target Finds…

photo 1This picture really does not due this cute coat justice. It was a really pretty mint color, which is so unique to see in a coat. It’s light weight, which is perfect for our Cali weather and would look so cute with jeans. I really was drawn to the color because it was pretty without being too cutesy.

photo 3I really loved this jean jacket. The sleeves and hoodie are in a soft sweatshirt materiel which brings a little warmth and the faded jean is great. We rarely get too cold in Southern California but when we do this would be perfect, and I admit it, I’m a sucker for hoodies.

photo 2This faux fur vest was really cute and a good price. I’ve been seeing a lot of these in different stores and this one was definitely comparable to the more expensive ones I’ve seen.

photo 5I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s kinda like a big scarf, that you wear. Again, for California this is a great option. It’ll keep you warm with out getting too hot. Jeans and a pair of boots and you’ll be the cutest mommy at school pick-up.

photo 4Always on the lookout for cozy shirts. These are made out of a light weight sweatshirt materiel. Loose and boxy but with a bit of style.

photo 2 copyphoto 1 copy

This blouse was really pretty and I loved the lace detail on the bottom (sorry for the blurry pic). I really love a blouse like this with a pair of jeans and some long necklaces. I wear jeans most days but I like to pair it with a top that is comfy but more dressed up then a plain T.

photo 3 copy

This dress would be so cute on my 15 year old daughter, paired with black tights and some cute black ankle boots…adorable!

photo 4 copyphoto 5 copy

This pleated skater skirt has the holidays written all over it. The gold detail was great.

photo 2 copy 2photo 1 copy 2

This is another thing I’m always on the lookout for: cozy sweats that aren’t too frumpy. My older daughter and I already own a pair of these but in a different fabric, they’re super comfy and the drawstring gives them a great fit. I really liked these new fabric designs. My daughter is also at college living in a dorm and these are great for her to hang out in and study.

photoLittle stocking stuffers for the girls and I. Matte top coat.

So there you go. Went in for laundry detergent but found and bought a whole lot more. Happy Holidays.

All the best,



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