Target Christmas Finds

We’re getting ready for Christmas at our house. Besides the gifts there are also lots of little things to get for the holiday. I host Christmas at my house and sometimes that means 30 people showing up, so there are lots of little details to take care of. I absolutely love the whole family coming over and I want them all to feel welcomed and leave with full tummies, warm hearts and happy memories. Here are some Target Christmas Finds to get our holiday started.

photo 1 copyWe have a fake Christmas tree, mainly because we have so many ornaments that “real” trees can’t take the weight. Also, let’s face it, it is easier and they look pretty darn good. I do feel badly that my girls have never really gotten to enjoy that lovely, fresh pine smell of a Christmas tree so I went on the look out for some candles to bring that Christmas tree smell into the house. I really like the Meyer’s products and use the hand soaps through out my home, so I bought their pine scented candles to see if that would bring a little more Christmas spirit into the house. They are soy candles too which I liked.

photo 3Although I set a formal table for the main meal. I also serve a wide variety of appetizers. In our family, the appetizers are as important as the dinner. We have a large family with lots of little ones, so to make it easy I use paper/plastic dinnerware for the appetizers. I decorate the appetizer table with the kids in mind more then the adults. I do the same for the dessert table. I thought these plates and napkins were so festive and I know the kids will love them. I’ll be blogging soon about my Christmas menu including appetizers and desserts.

photo 4I make plenty of food because I want all my guests to leave with some leftovers and desserts. I bought these festive storage containers and have permanent makers, so they can help themselves and label their containers. This really makes it easy for guest to transport their goodies back home and then they can pop them right in the fridge when they get home. I always buy these ahead of time and wash and dry them so they’re all ready to go. Everyone really appreciates this and I really like that everyone gets a little bit of the Christmas day to take home with them. Even the kiddos can make their own.

photo 5I found this Wilton Easy Layers cake pans. You can make a mini layer cake which I thought would be awesome to do for birthdays. I like to bake but find that we only eat a little at a time, so I like the idea of this being a smaller cake. If you use a cake mix you only need one box. So, I bought this gift for myself from my family. Really, they appreciate when I do this, and I’m sure they will be happy with the results too. The cupcake liners are for Christmas day, haven’t decided what kind of cupcakes yet, but I will be posting our candy cane cupcakes that are adorable and delicious.

photo 3 copyI really admire Joel Osteen and have read quite a few of his books and his sermons are amazing. I thought my husband would enjoy his new book. I also bought two of his daily devotional books, one for myself and one for my husband. I thought they’d make great stocking stuffers and I really like the idea of starting off the new year in a positive way.

photo 1Lastly, and completely unrelated to Christmas, but so adorable I had to buy them, are these boho chic placemats. On sale for only $3.47 each, I just couldn’t pass them up. I can just see using them in the spring and summer on  nice warm days, and in Cali those days are a lot. They’d also be cute for an Easter table setting.

So that’s it for my Target Christmas Finds, hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Happy shopping!!!

All the best,



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