Thanksgiving Countdown To Do List…Done (well, kinda)


Thanksgiving Eve is upon us, so let me check in tell you how I did on my To Do List. Here is the original list:

  1. Find the best recipe for Pumpkin Dump Cake (if you haven’t had this you are missing out)
  2. Perfect hostess gift for LaLa (my sister who hosts Thanksgiving)
  3. Little gifts for the younger cousins
  4. Get Christmas Lights/Outdoor decorations put out
  5. Get house decorated for Christmas early this year as Thanksgiving is so late in the season
  6. bring dessert or appetizer for Thanksgiving day

I did pretty good getting 5 1/2 out of 6 done. Lets see how I did:

Delicious-Pumpkin-Dum-Cake-with-livelaughrowe.com_ #1 So this is the one on my To Do List that is half done. I did find two recipes for Pumpkin Dump Cake that I am going to make tomorrow morning. Yes, I’ll be up before the crack of dawn making one or both of the recipes I picked. I will follow up with the results because this really is the yummiest cake and so easy to make. The first one I’m trying is from this website, pictured above. The second one is from this website, pictured below. This second one is a little different with the cream cheese addition but it looked really good. Again, I’ll follow up and let you know.


photo 3

#2 The Hostess gift for my sister LaLa, who is by far the hardest person to buy for. I got her this little Christmas tree to put in her home office. She works A LOT so I thought it would be nice to have a little Christmas cheer in there and a reminder of how much we LOVE her. I also got her one of my favorite candles by VOLUSPA. My favorite scent is Laguna which I got her, it’s very light and fresh and kind of beachy. I have this one at my house all the time. I’m very picky about scents, I don’t like them too strong and this one is just right. I bought myself a little gift too, I mean why not, right? I thought I’d try the Gardenia Colonia. I usually love the smell of Gardenia’s so I’ll let you know. They come in the cutest little tins and are very decorative.

photo 4#3 Gifts for my nieces and nephew. I actually do this every year. I get them Advent Calenders from Trader Joe’s. It’s become a little tradition and a fun way to countdown Christmas. I also printed up some fun Thanksgiving pictures and I’ll bring some crayons. For our new little addition, my niece Ava, her first Christmas dinnerware from Target.

photo#4 Christmas Lights and Outdoor Decorations are DONE (thanks to my darling husband for doing this every year even though I know deep down he’s a little bit of a Grinch  but who married a little elf). As much as I hate to trample all over Thanksgiving, it simply had to be done early as Thanksgiving came so late this year. Usually I put everything out the day after Thanksgiving, but honestly, it’s so nice that it’s all done and I can enjoy spending time with my daughter who is home from college. I may just make this a new tradition. Sorry Thanksgiving.

photo 1

photo 2#5 Inside of our house is decorated, and I must say at lightening speed this year. My daughter decided to come home from college a day early which meant I had less time. It all looks beautiful and definitely gets us all in the Christmas spirit. We’ve already watched 4 Christmas movies by the fireplace with popcorn…nothing better then that. I’ll be blogging about all of our Christmas family traditions soon.

photo 1 copy 2#6 I decided to bring my Poor Man’s Caviar for an appetizer to Thanksgiving. I’ve blogged about this already. It is soooooooooo good. You can find the recipe here. Hopefully I’ll also be bringing one or two Pumpkin Dump Cakes.

So there you go. I got through the list and now the holiday season is officially started. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the recipes I’ve posted.

All the best,



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