You Never Know What You’re Gonna Find…Ralphs Grocery Store finds

You never know what you’re going to find. Had to stop at Ralphs grocery store today just to pick up one thing, and stumbled upon a few items worth mentioning.

I found this cool, California-style, Christmas plastic dinnerware. What a cute California-chic kids table this would make. My girls are too old for this now, but when they were younger, my beach bunnies would have loved these. On sale with a Ralphs card…very affordable.

photo 2Serving plates, dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and cups are all on sale.

photo 1The details on these are so cute and there’s nothing like celebrating the uniqueness of a Cali Christmas by the beach. Who needs snow when we have sand…right?!

Also found some Christmas baking goods that would be so festive to use but also would make a great gift for anyone who likes to bake. Put a few of these items together and make a creative hostess gift for Thanksgiving, just in time to start the Christmas baking. Who knows, maybe this will be a gift for you too if you get some of the goodies.

photo 2 copyChristmas cupcake lines that come shaped like a wreath…adorable!

photo 4 These candies would make cake or cupcake decorating a breeze.

photo 4 copy photo 3 copyAdd some of these darling sprinklings or Peppermint Chips for just the right touch.

photo 1 copyHow easy is this…everything you need to make the cutest cupcakes. Love the little pearls.

photophoto 5

What better way to deliver Christmas goodies than in these.

photo 3Lastly, these Candy Cane Spoons are just the cutest things ever. What a great touch to a nice hot cup of cocoa. The smallest details can make all the difference in setting a holiday mood.

Hope you enjoyed these Christmas finds.

All the best,



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