Thanksgiving Countdown & Vanilla Poppy Seed Cake

photo The holiday’s are upon us, Thanksgiving is only eight days away with Christmas not far behind. So I’ll be starting off the blog with lots of recipes to help with the preparation for the holidays and also for the many guests that some of us have during the holiday season. Everything I post will be recipes “tried and true” that my family and I really enjoy and hope you will too.

Here’s my Thanksgiving season TO DO LIST:

  1. Find the best recipe for Pumpkin Dump Cake (if you haven’t had this you are missing out)
  2. Perfect hostess gift for LaLa (my sister who hosts Thanksgiving)
  3. Little gifts for the younger cousins
  4. Get Christmas Lights/Outdoor decorations put out
  5. Get house decorated for Christmas early this year as Thanksgiving is so late in the season
  6. bring dessert or appetizer for Thanksgiving day

So lets get going on some recipes that I know will get you through the holiday season and put a smile on everyone’s faces. This recipe for Vanilla Poppy Seed Cake is the easiest dessert to make, and everyone I’ve served it to has loved it. It’s light, fluffy flavor with a hint of vanilla is just the right amount of sweet but not overpowering and sprinkled with a bit of powdered sugar that makes it look like it’s been snowed on (even in Cali). During my college years, one of my girlfriends would make this for all of our friends on their birthdays. We all enjoyed this cake and would beg her for the recipe but she just would not give it up stating that it was a family recipe and would be disowned if she told us. We tried our best to get it out of her but she wouldn’t budge. Years later, I went to a baby shower where everyone was suppose to bring their favorite recipe for the bride (great idea by the way) and there to my delight, was a recipe for Vanilla Poppy Seed Cake. It really is wonderful, easy, and a nice change from the usually lemon poppy seed that gets served most of the time. This cake is great for dessert but is also lovely in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea. Something nice to keep on hand during the holiday season. VANILLA POPPY SEED CAKE RECIPE here.

All the best,




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